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  1. 50% of your total camp fee is due no later than 2 days prior to the start of  camp (one day camp or week long camps)

  2. The deposit is non-refundable, if you need to cancel that camp, your deposit will applied to your next camp attended (up to 6 months worth of camps from original payment)

Things to pack for your child the day of camp;

  1. snacks and water, we take frequent rest breaks for water and food - I do not allow campers to share food or water for safety of all campers, in case of food allergies etc.

  2. a jacket or sweatshirt in case it gets windy/cold

  3. print out any instructions for medical issues or other issues that are important for us to know to better assist your child during the Superhero Sports Camp

 Assistance for your child;

  1. If your child/children need assistance with toileting, medications, behaviors, we need to be aware of those needs prior to the start of camp

  2. We welcome all kids to Superhero Sports Camp; we need to be aware of all needs so we have enough assistance for each of our campers and their needs

  3. When both parents and Superhero Sports Camp are in agreement on the needs of your child and agree on attendance of camp, parents will provide Superhero Sports Camp with all supplies needed for the duration of the camp.